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A CNY Lookbook with Freshlight

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Now after picking your hair colour for the Lunar New Year, let's move on to OUTFITS!

We all tend to struggle with the dilemma of "What to Wear?" or "Which Cheong Sam should I get?" when the Lunar New Year arrives. To let you in on a secret, you don't need to go traditional for the Lunar New Year and there are a lot of Local Designers that can help achieve a "Chinese New Year" look without being traditional.

Legally Blond for the New Year!

You've heard the term "BLONDS have more FUN", damn right they do!

Lemon Blond should be your go to shade for the Lunar New Year given how much it resembles gold ( you know the CNY drill - Red and Gold is a go to! ). If Gold isn't your first outfit colour choice when it comes to the new year, why not try it on your hair? Gold outfits are hard to come by but Golden Blond hair colours? Easy!

There are many who can opt for this Lemon Blond shade because it is still classified as a neutral shade compared to other hair colours.

As mentioned previously, this shade is a warmer tone, so for those with cool toned skin, this hair colour will warm up your complexion and give you a healthy, vibrant glow for the New Year.

To throw in a little bit of Retro vibes for our thrift shop lovers who DARE to rock a vibrant colour, we are playing with BRIGHT & FUN colours. As a statement, you might be the only ONE who will walk into a room dressed in YELLOW during the Lunar New Year. And to cool down the outfit a little, pairing with BLUE as a complimentary colour to yellow. Are you screaming TAI TAI vibes? Because we are!

Top (1 piece swimsuit) : Bikinitari @bikinitari

Outer : Zi Hong

Bottom :Zi Hong

Accessories : Bikinitari @bikinitari

Cherry, Cherry, Quite Contrary!

As mentioned, Red is obviously a SIGNIFICANT colour for the Chinese, especially during the New Year.

To Chinese, RED means FIRE. It's a colour that represents happiness, beauty, vitality, good luck, success and good fortune. Is there anymore to argue as to why you SHOULD dye your hair this Melty Cherry to welcome the Lunar New Year? Don't worry, it's not that kind of scary vibrant red that people stray away, with hints of Orange and Red undertones, your clients and bosses not only won't judge you, but they will also probably look forward to trying this colour too!

To all my Sweet girlies out there who loves Lace, Pearls and Pinks. This is the right colour for you for this Lunar New Year!

Who said being girly was a bad thing in this age and era, and who said it has to be a traditonal one-piece Cheong Sam ? Melty Cherry does not think so. This PINK jacquard halter top was considered an undergarment during our grandmother's time and era, and if you are worried that it's not appropriate on it's own while you are doing your CNY visiting, you can always LAYER! Adapting vintage fashion in our daily life is a big rave in this time and age. What screams VINTAGE more than traditional LACE to mix up the look by adding a little extra texture?

Top (Pink) : Y'ng Top ( White Lace ) : Y'ng

Bottom : Y'ng

Accessories : Y'ng @shyeyng

Livin' La Vida Mocha!

You MOCHA me want to try this STUNNING brown shade!

This one goes out to the brunette girls who are not ready to step out of their comfort zones and still want a subtle change.

Who said Brunettes have to be boring? This warm brown Sweet Mocha begs to differ. Being comfy and casual is not a bad thing, especially when you are hopping from one house to another during the Lunar New Year!

This shade allows you to play with Neutral tones like white and creams in your outfit and let your hair speak for itself, see what we mean!

Sometimes, to get through the whole day doing our CNY visiting in a nice Cheong Sam and nice loose curls can be TOUGH because it just gets too hot! But we can stray away from the old traditional style and try something modern, like this unconventional WHITE Cotton Cheong Sam look. Pairing it with the Sweet MOCHA Shade, you definitely need not suffer the new year heat! Now, whether you work your way through the day with keeping your hair down, or decide to rock an messy bun mid way, you'd still look bomb and on top of that COMFORTABLE, heat free during your New Year!

Top- Behati

Bottom- Joechia @joechia

Accessories - byhijao @byhijao

I am Berry Berry excited for the Lunar New Year!

Berry Ash, for the sultry girls who'd want to make heads turn with a single glance.

A cult favorite, cool toned brown with greenish undertones. This hair colour strikes a balance for those who love to rock Neutral shades and Red outfits. We think Modern, Parisian, Red Lipstick, Cool, Sultry. The Lunar New Year look we planned for Berry Ash is going to make heads turn at a party with your friends ( maybe not grandmother approval, but who knows if your grandmother changes her mind after seeing this look ?) For you spicy mamacitas, you'll want to rock this shade for this Year of the Tiger!

Berry Ash to turn up the HEAT level this Lunar New Year. Complementing the cool ash BROWN shade, we are warming it up with some RED! Now, this we call traditional with a MODERN twist. Why cave in to a traditional one piece Red Cheong Sam when you can opt for a Co-Ord Cheong Sam. Not only it gives you more breathing space to eat your hearts out during the new year, it is CNY approved. Quick tip, swap out the skirt for a boot cut denim with this top and you're still CNY approved. Someone said a CNY house party with friends? This outfit is a no brainer, SHOW STOPPER.

Hair Colour : Freshlight Berry Ash

Top`-Uglypretty @__________uglypretty

Bottom - Uglypretty @__________uglypretty

Necklace - Eyderpsclub @ey_derpsclub

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!

Okay, COOL girls, these ones for you.

Ash GREY is an oldie but a goodie. People are straying away from this colour palette because it's too hard to maintain and too expensive to have to constantly go back to the hair salon for a touch up. Well, Freshlight will answer your demands now. With this cool, blue toned shade in the form of a box dye, not only you can maintain this colour for months on now, it's easy and affordable too!

We do want to point out another issue that we see some of you facing when it comes to Grey coloured hair, it's deemed old and "granny" like, but what if you style your outfits differently? With that being said, you'd walk out with an elevated COOL girl look and say goodbye to Granny Vibes.

I know it's always difficult when it comes to picking outfits for Chinese New Year. You avoid red, yellow, orange or just anything BRIGHT in general because that simply isn't you. Staying in your comfort zone of darker shades but your parents simply won't allow BLACK during this festive season. Well, have you thought of DENIM and BLUES? This is a very cool, modern, in fact, FUTURISTIC look for the Lunar New Year. Still keeping the trend of Mandarin Collars, but modernizing the whole look with a cool pair of Jeans and Sneaker? Welcome to 2022.

Hair Colour : Freshlight Sugar Ash

Top- Notinlist @notinlist_project

Bottom- XuesOfficial @xuesofficial

Scarf- Miniyngproject @miniyngproject

Shoes- Nerdunit @nerdunit

We're welcoming the MODERN era of Lunar New Year fashion, say bye-bye to traditional Cheong Sam and Hanfu, this is where the Millennials come in and take charge. Let's all welcome the Year of the Tiger with these "Parents-Checked, Grandparents Approved" modernized traditional looks. That's all from me, for now.

Xoxo, Freshlight MY

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