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New Year, New Look !

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

It's that time of the year again - the LUNAR NEW YEAR!

Always wanted to try a new colour but you either 1. Not sure which colour to pick. 2. Scared to try a "loud" colour as it you are clueless to how to dress according to a new hairstyle.

3. Salons are waaaaay toooooo expensive...

4. DIYs are not your thing.

5. Worried that is not suitable for your workplace

6. Simply never have a reason to.

Well, this is your calling. It is time to spice up your look in time for the Lunar New Year! Freshlight is here to target your concerns and help you overcome that reason to NOT dye your hair and give you every reason why you SHOULD do it!

Keep reading, if you don't believe me!

Which is the RIGHT colour for me?

Freshlight comes in a range of 5 colours - Sugar Ash, Berry Ash, Sweet Mocha, Lemon Blond and Melty Cherry. We've got everyone of you covered.

5 Colours, Easy application, Delicate scent and Creamy foam.

There is a big misconception about hair color. People say that you can only wear a certain color because of your skin tone, and to rock every colour, you'd have to have a neutral skin tone. That is FALSE. The truth is you just haven't found the right colour tone for your skin. If you've observed Korean Celebrities, they are a prime examples of people who have found the right tone for their skin, despite the LOUD & UNUSUAL colour choices they make. I mean, check this out if I've not proven my point. So here's a quick guide to Skin Tones & Hair Colour & WHICH FRESHLIGHT COLOUR TO PICK! First off, lets divide by the different skin undertones - Cool Tones, Warm Tones and Neutral Tones.

Cool Tones = Blue & Olive Undertones - Blue/Purple veins on your wrist Warm Tones = Yellow & Gold Undertones - Green/Olive veins on your wrist Neutral = Your a great balance of all undertones - Blue/Green veins on your wrist

Now, moving deeper into the world of skin tones and colours.

Cool Undertones

Warm Undertones

Neutral Undertones

Fair Skin

Lemon Blond/Melty Cherry

Berry Ash/Sugar Ash

Melty Cherry/Sweet Mocha

Medium Skin

Sweet Mocha/Lemon Blond

Berry Ash/Sweet Mocha

Sugar Ash/Melty Cherry

Deep Skin

Sweet Mocha/Sugar Ash

Berry Ash/Sweet Mocha

Melty Cherry/Lemon Blond

You can check out this article for an in-depth guide if you want to know more on skin tones and hair colour selection! Well, to refrain from bombarding you with too much information, I'll save Styling with Freshlight for the next segment. Until next time loves. Xoxo, Freshlight MY

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