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Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Year after year, unique fashion styles remains on top. But fashion is much more than just clothes. It's all about attitude and self-expression; seeing and being seen. It's a declaration. And you are either a fashion trendsetter or a fashion follower. This blog will show how you can express yourself better and be the next trendsetter with Freshlight's hair dye.

Everyone has always thought of hair dying as an accessory, but they seldom think how such a simple alteration may be a life-changer, bringing out the inner you and allowing you to be more expressive. Giving you an extra boost in confidence and stylish choices.

This cool and chic trend has been rampaging all over social media, ever since celebrities such as Katy Perry and SZA debuted her PINK HAIR on Instagram, It's a classic Barbie girl's fantasy! Not only can you keep this stunning ash pink and purple tone in the shape of a box dye for months on end, but it's also simple and affordable! If you're a flowy, fluttering, flowery type of person, this is the color for you, the pinkish tone will boost the way you look to another level, giving you a softer and sweeter look. This hair color is versatile as it also brings in a cool trend, as they have an ash purple undertone, giving the cool girls a run for their money as well. As a girl in my twenties, this would be the go-to color any time of the day, and at night if you know what I mean, as it has always helped me express myself better, making the way I feel and look more confident and fashionable.

That's all from me, for now.

Until next time

Xoxo, Freshlight MY

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